About us

Jinga Media produces and promotes content for brands targeting millenial trendsetters.

We are a creative, production and ad sales agency specialising in the french and UK market. We help brands produce and promote content to the most influential segment of the millennial audience in the world of music and lifestyle.

Our audience network include publishers such as Live Nation, Ticketmaster , Be Street, Trax Magazine and Mixmag France to name a few. We work across platforms from digital, social and live event opportunities.

Very Reactive

We’re a growing start up and we believe that it gives us a real edge on our competitors. We tailor, adapt and react to each situation in order improve the efficiency of our work. Much like the audience we represent, we thrive to be at the forefront of the trend.

Out of the Box Ideas

We have a meticulous eye for detail and value the importance of a deep understanding of our clients objectives. This enables us to devise the most effective and lateral opportunities for our partners.

Highly connected

We have immersed ourselves in the digital advertising industry in France and have made a complex network of clients and partners. We work with global media agencies and international brands targeting the french market on a daily basis.